Providing public transport
for the residents of Darwen
& surrounding rural area
In 2016, the local operator of services in Darwen ceased trading with little warning to the public, leaving many stranded, unable to get around the town. Following discussions with the local authority, Travel Assist stepped in to provide a limited service to the bus users in the town. Since then our network has grown and with support of the local authority, we now cover the bulk of the town, offering essential links to the health centre, shops, leisure centre and various community hubs in the area.

Since then, we have set up Travel Local as the public transport arm of the company with Travel Assist still offering door to door community transport services.

Travel local is the primary bus operator in Darwen and Edgworth, providing timetabled bus services to many who might otherwise have no transport service at all. Services are open to everyone, young or old. Fares are accepted on entry or you can use a concession pass if you have one, subject the to NoWcard scheme guidelines.
Egdworth & Bromley Cross
TA1 operates around the Edgworth and Chapeltown area of Darwen. Operating between Darwen and Harwood Gate. Providing a vital link for residents in the village to shopping, connecting service to Bolton or train links at Bromley Cross.

Operates Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Edgworth & Bury
TA2 operates in a similar way to TA1 but continues to Bury centre making a vital link to larger shops and of course the famous Bury Market.

Operates Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Darwen - Sunnyhurst - Birch Hall
TA3 serves the Sunnyhurst and Borch Hall ares of Darwen, taking in the Health Centre en-route. It operates a circular route returning via Hollins Grove, Greenway Street and Robin Bank.
The TA3 operates the same but in reverse of the TA3.
Operates Monday toSaturday
Darwen - Pot House - Hoddlesden
TA5 operates a circular route serving St James', Pothouse, Eccleshill, Waterside, Hoddlesden and Marsh House

Operates Monday to Saturday.
Hoddlesden - Waterside - Pot House
TA7 operates the reverse of the TA5 serving Marsh House, Hoddlesden, Waterside, Eccleshill, Pot House and Sudellside

Operates Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
Spring Vale Circular
TA8 serves Marsh House, Pole Lane, Sough, Cranberry Lane, Ashton & Highfield areas in a circular route.

Operates Monday toSaturday
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